It’s time for a FUDGE FEATURE!

It’s time for a FUDGE FEATURE!

Hey BIK Fans,

World Health Esteem Month!

 January is the month to appreciate ourselves for who we are now and the small choices we can make to enhance our lives.


Indulging in healthy habits that make our bodies strong, minds focused will bring phenomenal wellness and vitality.   The low carb way of eating ( W.O.E) is the path and we are so honored to skip alongside on your Ketogenic journey.


Featuring Fudge Decadence this week:

  • Choc-Keto Fudge: Chocolate collagen protein powered into rich creamy peanut butter.
  • BIKtella Fudge: Choc-Keto fudge takes a roll in the hazelnuts.
  • Coco-almond Fudge: Rich collagen-protein packed fudge laden with almond bits topped with toasted coconut flakes.
  • Chocolate Caramel Fudge: Chocolate collagen protein whipped into a rich fudge with a salted caramel topper.
  • PB Swirl Fudge: Peanut butter fudge, with swirled dark chocolate and a collagen protein boost
  • Bourbon Pecan Fudge: Choc-Keto fudge topped with toasted crushed pecans.


Bakin’ It Keto is an all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free Keto cottage bakery with dairy free options.

Our mission is to be your convenient Keto go to for all things delicious! 

Online ordering is open 24-7 with Keto cottage pick up or local complimentary delivery available on baking days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Please feel free to add any order special instructions on the online order page.

We will make absolutely every attempt to fulfill and provide you with the best customer service experience on the planet.


From savories to sweets, BIK has the treats!


Have a Fabulous week!



The BIK Team

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