All of our products are baked fresh to order! They are just fine on the counter in an airtight container for a few days. After that, they are best in the refrigerator to preserve their deliciousness!


Nothing is better than biting into a fresh, homemade cookie, especially when it's keto. From the simple chocolate chip, to the fancy "oatmeal" lace- the possibilities are endless.
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Italians say twice baked, but we say "two please!' A delectable addition to a warm beverage.
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Brownies & Bars

Sometimes, things just taste better squared. With the various textures and flavors, which will you choose?
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Fudge=Happiness. Plain and simple.
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A party can never be complete without a yummy cupcake. Wait- rephrase that. A DAY can never be complete without a delicious cupcake!
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Breakfast made delicious and nutritious. Our muffins will provide a phenomenal start to your day!
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BIK Buns

A crunchy outside, soft inside and absolutely toastable bun. Perfect for a grilled cheese, a yummy burger, or just by itself!
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Savory treats. Perfect for soup, hors d'oeuvres, or simply any occasion! Let's get crackin'!
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A spoonful of jam makes everything better. Whether you are spreading it on one of our muffins, or having it by itself, jam gives you the fruity goodness we all love.