National Women's History Month

National Women's History Month

Hey Bakin’ It Keto Fans!

National Women’s History Month!

As a Woman-owned business, we are incredibly proud to celebrate the fabulous women in history!

Of course, we take a Keto baking approach to narrow the field.

We would like to recognize and send a shout out to some of our favorite keto bloggers:

Carolyn Ketchum:
Maria Emmerich:
Carine Claudepierre: @
Elana Amsterdam:
Katrin Nurnberger:

These talented women inspire and are so generous to share their baking tips and infinite knowledge as we experiment with ingredients and navigate our way to offer an eclectic assortment of low-carb delectables to our beloved customers.

New offering to kick off the lucky month of March:

Irish Cream Soda Biscotti –not quite the traditional but as you know, BIK always goes against the grain! Buttery Brazilians and dark chocolate biscotti with a Zevia® cream soda glaze.

Bakin’ It Keto is an all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free Keto cottage bakery with dairy free options. On-line ordering is open 24-7 with Keto cottage pick up or local complimentary delivery available on baking days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please feel free to add any order special instructions on the online order page.
We will make absolutely every attempt to fulfill and provide you with the best customer service experience on the planet.

Bakin’ It Keto Bakery... Your Go To Keto for all things delicious!

Have a Delightful week!

The BIK Team

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