Scones OR Skones?

Scones OR Skones?

Hey, Bakin’ It Keto fans!

Blog talk: Scones... or Skones?
[Definition: small unsweetened or lightly sweetened biscuit-like cake.]

Q: Can scones be made keto?
A: Yes indeed! We have BIK’d (industry term) the scone and turned them Keto…. Hence, the name Skones!

Q: What do they look like?
A: Picture a triangular shape perfection which are conveniently 'dunkable'!

Q: Do you offer savory and sweet?
A: Absolutely! We initiated our menu with Blueberry Skones and we have just added:

-Everything But The Bagel Skones - tender, savory scones with everything but the bagel sprinkles.

-Key Lime Skones - buttery-textured scone with a tropical tang,dressed with our signature sweet key-lime glaze.

Bakin’ It Keto is an all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free Keto cottage bakery with dairy free options. Online ordering is open 24-7 with Keto cottage pick up or local complimentary delivery available on baking days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please feel free to add any order special instructions on the online order page.

We will make absolutely every attempt to fulfill and provide you with the best customer service experience on the planet.

Bakin’ it Keto Bakery... Your Go To Keto for All Things Delicious!

Have a Magnificent week!


The BIK Team

The BIK Team

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